Living Exhibition Stuttgart 2023

Contribution by HdM Team

On February 16th, 2024, the official opening of the Living Exhibition took place during the “Empower Greenpreneurs” event at the creative workspace “Playpark” at Stuttgart Media University (HdM). The exhibition was open to interested visitors from the Stuttgart region and all HdM employees on the “Playpark” premises until February 23. The festive closing of the exhibition was moved to Stuttgart City Hall. It occurred as part of the “Sandbox Demo Day”, an important event of HdM´s Startup Center, which focuses increasingly on presenting sustainable start-up projects. Altogether, around 480 people visited the one-week exhibition. After the Living Exhibition attracted much attention as part of the week-long exhibition at the HdM, an additional temporary exhibition of the prototypes was planned and implemented from April 4 to April 5 at the sustainable trade fair “Fair Handeln” in Stuttgart.

Empower Greenpreneurs

To open the Living Exhibition in a festive and thematically inspiring way, a closed opening event entitled “Empower Greenpreneurs” was organised, to which regional representatives from politics, business, the creative industries, start-up scene, culture and education were invited. It was also a cooperation measure of the EU projects “Urban Shift” (Erasmus+) and Greenpact (Interreg CE), both of which aim to implement the Green Deal through transdisciplinary educational models actively. After the respective project managers presented both projects, the stage was opened for speakers and founders of the sustainable start-ups “Spoontainable” and “P-Vision”. They reported on their business development history as well as successes and hurdles in the sustainable design of their business idea. Two creative workshops with the participants followed this to analyse and reflect on the pros and cons of sustainability and sustainable models in teaching and practice in greater depth with representatives from the education sector and industry. Finally, this event culminated in the opening of the Living Exhibition and the official possible appraisal of exhibited prototypes from Batch 1.

Sandbox Demo Day

On February 23rd, 2024, the official closing of the Living Exhibition took place during the “Sandbox Demo Day” event at the City Hall in Stuttgart. This popular and public event of the Startup Center takes place twice a year and marks the end of a start-up programme for sustainable and socially responsible start-ups. The prototypes of Urban Shift’s Living Exhibition perfectly fit this event’s theme and were set up in the event room for the exhibition. They attracted around 200 visitors from the wider start-up scene in Stuttgart.

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