Train the Trainers

Train the Trainers ensures that transdisciplinary expertise, language, and knowledge are exchanged amongst the trainers of the different disciplines to allow them to support the students in their start-up development.

This will include learning keywords and concepts, as well as best practices both in teaching and projects. In addition, emphasis will be placed on addressing the urban challenges and preparing the trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to support the learners. The training takes place in several online sessions and one face-to-face meeting in Stuttgart. Throughout the project, the content of the Train the Trainers will be revised and adapted based on the needs identified.

Urban Shift Trainers in Stuttgart

Train the Trainers: Stuttgart

The days in Stuttgart were filled with exciting and enriching content. The trainers dove into the topics of the Urban Challenges and heard from each institution about best practices and how the courses are structured within the academic year. This approach stimulated discussions on how to move forward with the Urban Shift programme. Together, the trainers brainstormed different solutions and approaches to the programme, and reflected on the methodology used in the BUILD Solution Erasmus+ project. Werner Koessler, an expert from WIFI, also presented the topic of circularity and important aspects of this topic that the student start-ups should consider.

In addition, the HdM team gave us a tour of their facilities including their very own TV studio and Humanoid Lab. It was a great opportunity to see the possibilities available to the students and the initiative they take in their education.

Results & Learnings

The days in Stuttgart were very fruitful and allowed the Trainers to prepare for the academic programme with the students. Final details were ironed out, decisions taken, and a lot of fun was had!

Key takeaways:

  • An understanding of what skill sets the different HEI and VET partners will bring
  • Further knowledge on the topics of Urban Heat Islands, Food Waste & Circularity
  • Decisions made on the curriculum, specialised skills training and advanced skills training
  • Tips and Tricks session on working with students