Living Labs 2023 – Online Meetup

In preparation for the entrepreneurs to meet in person, they took part in two online sessions hosted by Hochschule der Medien. These online sessions allowed the entrepreneurs to put faces to names, to learn more about the project and its transdisciplinary setting, and to understand the urban challenges they would be working on and developing solutions for.

The first online session focused on the students and trainers getting to know each other through rounds of speed dating. The second half of the session concentrated on the two urban challenges: urban heat islands and food waste/circularity. The entrepreneurs were engaged through the use of Mentimeter to allow them to share the knowledge they have on the topics.

During the second online meetup, the sessions were organised to dive deeper into the urban challenges and to introduce them to the problem canvas. The entrepreneurs were split into groups and had to complete the problem canvas for each challenge, critically analysing the problem and think of possible solutions. In preparation for this online meetup, the entrepreneurs were asked to review materials regarding the urban challenges and the EU Green Deal prepared by Multicriteria.

Below you can find some photos from our icebreaker activities and the problem canvas the entrepreneurs worked on!

Now the entrepreneurs are ready to meet in person and begin their start-up journeys!

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