Muhammed Ali Örnek – Business & Operation Co-Founder

Suat Batuhan Esirger – Innovation & Production Co-Founder

Kadir Can Yakut – Strategy & Finance Director

Umut Erkal – Software Development Director

Nur Örnek – Brand Design Director

Rana İmam – Product Development Director

Sheida Shakeri – Research & Incentive Director

ForestGuard is a cutting-edge startup committed to detecting and preventing wildfires through advanced IoT technology. Our unique, patent-awarded devices are placed on trees without harming trees or requiring any infrastructure. Our IoT devices are designed to collect atmospheric data like humidity, temperature, and air pressure and utilize LoRaWAN networks to transfer these data in even the most remote forest areas. With AI-assisted algorithms, we detect fire hazards and notify authorities up to 80% earlier than traditional methods. Furthermore, our gas classification feature can detect explosive, flammable, and poisonous gases with a high degree of accuracy, minimizing the risk of false alarms and increasing the reliability of the system. In the case of any abnormalities in the coming data, authorities, and firefighters are notified, so that we can reduce the time it takes to react to wildfires and limit their spread.

Considering the fact that forests cover over 30.8 % of Earth’s landmass today and wildfires are responsible for emitting about 6-8 billion tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to up to 20% of global CO2 emissions, wildfires are a growing problem worldwide. In addition, the global financial cost of wildfires is predicted to reach up to $200 billion a year if one or more countries have bad fire seasons, which clarifies the demand for innovative solutions that can help prevent and mitigate the impact of wildfires. By preventing wildfires from causing environmental, economic, and social harm, we are reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality for every living being on the globe.