Roman Pomazan

Kyrylo Dzhyhomon

Casadelavida.tech is a design&build startup focused on applied bioclimatic design, the cohesion of architecture and engineering, and the introduction of nature-based solutions and materials. In particular, the startup dedicates itself to the popularization of buildings from hempcrete (http://casadelavida.tech/en/). The EU Green Deal is a comprehensive plan aimed at ensuring the transition of the EU to a more sustainable and climate-neutral economy by 2050. Initially made from hemp and lime binders, hempcrete is an eco-friendly material that can significantly contribute to this plan as it is carbon-negative. The use of hempcrete in construction will reduce the carbon footprint of buildings by absorbing more carbon dioxide in hemp growth than produced in manufacturing and will significantly reduce the carbon emissions generated by the construction industry.

Hempcrete is an excellent due to its exceptional insulating qualities, high thermal mass, ability to absorb and release moisture, requires minimal energy for production. Hempcrete is also an efficient insulator capable of maintaining both heating and cooling inside a building, and unlike other insulators, it allows moisture regulation that enhances indoor air quality. Additionally, hempcrete is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for use in both renovation and new construction.

CasaDeLaVida.Tech (https://casadlvida.blogspot.com/) has already demonstrated its commitment to sustainability through its previous projects. One such project is the construction of a 1000-square meter circular farm built DIY by war refugees in Ukraine (https://youtu.be/UqJ4l2lZais).

In the future, CasaDeLaVida.tech aims to scale up on the market of the EU and enhance its business model with the addition of comprehensive life cycle analysis, data science, additive materials, 3D printing, and advanced timber processing to further enhance its technologies. Through these efforts, the startup will be able to create sustainable and eco-friendly structures that contribute significantly to the EU Green Deal.