Phyta Biodesign: APIA


Dana Molzhigit – University College London

Arnav Kele

Zain Ansari

We are Phyta Biodesign, a London-based award winning start-up that combines biotechnology and architecture to revive biodiversity in urban environments.

Our goal is to reintroduce the lost biodiversity of ecosystems in our built environments to bring nature closer to human experiences. Our solutions are at the intersection of environmental analysis, material science, and digital fabrication.

Our innovative modular tiling system, Apia, hosts and protects endangered pollinator bee species while contributing to the maintenance of healthy ecosystems for food security.

Moreover, we emphasise on cultivating a socially integrated design solutions that provide holistic approach to urban sustainability. Creating spaces that not only provide support for biodiversity but also promote human interaction and engagement can have multiple benefits, such as fostering a sense of community and reconnecting people with nature in urban settings.