Weihao Yin, Carolina Pree, Jan Hendrik Schott, Yoanna Aleksandrova

Solar energy is the most efficient sustainable energy source. As of 2021, the estimated installed solar PV capacity in the EU was over 158 GW.  The solar potential of average prediction for 2023 is 53.6 GW more solar power in the EU – this ‘most-likely’ pathway takes us to at least 85 GW of new solar per year by 2026. In terms of residential installations, there were over 10,000 solar installations, with an average size of around 5 kW. Global Market Size for Solar Shading Systems will rise from 17 BILLION in 2021 to 23 BILLION in 2028.  

Soller is an intuitive and sustainable solar blinder-light that produces green energy, while provideing shade, soft light and ventilation for a seamless sustainable life.  

In this product we want to achieve flexibility, transparency and beauty. This provides a more comfortable and sustainable life, while saving energy and capturing green energy at the same time. The concept is based on proven technologies, integrating a lighting system and solar cells electronics in a flexible and transparent material. In the evening, the lighting surrounding the blinder will give the interior a soft atmosphere. The assembled piece is then rolled up with  a minimal packaging necessity. The blinder is constructed of organic photovoltaic film, a third-generation solar technology that is printed on thin foils making the product less than 1mm thin and up to 50%of transparency. The energy captured by the blinder is stored in an integrated battery inside the railings. 

It can be used not only in your own house but also public spaces (museums, libraries and restaurants, etc.) and work with your natural surroundings, as the colours change throughout the day, depending on the position of the sun. We also offer different graphic patterns which can create a vivid coloured shadows into space like the stained-glass windows in the classical churches.