Luisa Lutz, Kristina Rötsch, Yerwant Megurditchian, Divya Shah, Kyle Yong

Reshaping the Future of Sustainable Cladding

The Urban Heat Island Effect leads to increasing temperatures in cities, resulting in uncomfortable living conditions, with indoor temperatures reaching up to 30 degrees Celsius. More than 65% of urban residents experience psychological and physical issues due to trapped heat in their homes. Existing solutions are insufficient, unsustainable, and focused primarily on short-term relief, prompting the development of Klimatile. 

Klimatile aims to address urban heat islands with a sustainable, passive cooling solution, enhancing the comfort of city life. Our innovative cladding system employs evaporative cooling to naturally lower interior and surrounding temperatures by 3-10 degrees Celsius, promoting a cooler, greener urban environment. 

Our cladding unites sustainability and aesthetic appeal, with a manufacturing process that creates captivating designs and patterns on clay surfaces, making buildings both eco-friendly and visually appealing. We provide easy-to-install, locally produced clay tiles. Klimatile is a cladding solution which outperforms competitors across various attributes due to its passive cooling capabilities. 

Klimatile’s groundbreaking cladding solution supports green building objectives, delivering cost savings, improved comfort, and a higher quality of life for occupants through reduced indoor and outdoor temperatures. By incorporating Klimatile into urban structures, we significantly contribute to enhancing city living, preserving the environment, and addressing the challenges of climate change. 

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